This sentiment of despair, faced by countless before me
and yet no answer to why,
we struggle to hone ourselves for the promise of the eternal
and the beautiful we call “love”,
yet, we neglect the fragility of the eternal, the ominous in the
beauty and the tragedy that is love.
We are denied the truth,
the battle we must fight in a land of no
rules nor laws,
taught that the pain is merely a misfortune
due to our flaws,
so in honour of the promise we take to arms
and we charge,
for the eternal and the beautiful, for the sake of
holding her near, we charge,
a wounded leg, a broken spear, no matter how perplexed
we are by fear, we charge.
Alas it’s not the promised walk on rose-petals but it’s one we
must take, cause in the end;
the sweet taste of victory that is her eternal smile, is worth
so much more than the safety of living
© Ami Fidèle

Paris and Helen


2 thoughts on “Loveless

  1. Queridaj says:

    These noble thoughts would put Lancelot to shame…what flow, what rhythm, what chivalry, a maiden would be so lucky as to have a knight who lives by these words =)

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