Love of mine,
your tears are far too precious,
too elegant and too beautiful
to be spent wastefully,
one drop will suffice in
illuminating my soul for
this long journey.

I’ll bring with me this warm
feeling emitting from
your blue hand,
surely it’ll push me through
my travels between hell
and heaven.

hold me one last time so I
can take from you part
of the sweet scent of
your hair,
may it be part of each breath
I take so part of you is
always within me,
keeping me alive.

And for you, my dear;
I kneel and kiss your feet
leaving my heart for
you to keep,
and only upon my return
to you shall I once again
become complete.


Vien Joseph-Marie - The Farewell of Hector and Andromache


12 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Intimate and heart-felt!

  2. zemme says:

    amazing fidele. you express you feelings in such a beautiful way. no one will ever really understand the real beauty you keep bundled up inside ❤

  3. David Eric Cummins says:

    Hi, Ami. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award

  4. Marianne says:

    Heartfelt, and beautiful.

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