Love Lost

You loved, didn’t you?
It’s coloured all over your face.

On top of your skin you proudly
wore your heart,
fearless of it being ever ravaged
and torn apart.

Convinced that your virtuous feelings
were to be treasured and adored,
flaunted around the world as
an inspiration for others,
a match that started the fire that
spread across the earth.

But I’ve never seen a more sorrowful
expression in disguise of a
lovely smile.
You kept striding with vigour and
drive for something in the realm
of dreams and birds,
but the bird flew away.

The dream was never yours to live,
so dry your lovely smile,
shed tears with your lonely eyes,
and paint your broken heart onto
the canvas; it’s all you can now
share with the world,

The love is no longer yours…



17 thoughts on “Love Lost

  1. ~R.L.King says:

    so fantastically gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. your writing is like endulging in decadent dessert everytime. Thanks for being the writer you are. ❤

  2. Very lovely, written with strong emotions, Ami~

  3. Your opening verse is so perfect! Your entire poem speaks the truth about a lost love…

  4. Incredible beautiful.

  5. bellesogni says:

    Oh, oh, absolutely STUNNING in it’s truth!!!

  6. I’ve nominated you for a blog award. Rules at the link…

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