Kinda of sweet

At last,
weights off my shoulders and
a smile on my heart.

I’m finally heading home,
to rest among my friends,
among my kin,
a peaceful dwelling
I consider my own.

I’m halfway there and I can
already feel, a sense of freedom
beneath my wings,
shedding a tear of joy as
I leave this place.

I will miss it,
the inevitable laughs among
fellow geeks, being sheltered
late at night in the library while
seeing myself in Frankenstein
and Edward Hyde.

But I do need a rest,

(Final exams are finally over and I can actually start writing again, sorry for the long absence but I really didn’t have much of a choice. Here’s where I was imprisoned, my university of course)


One thought on “Kinda of sweet

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Yay! There you were in my email! Yay! Glad you’re done for a while:) Look forward to your writing again.

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