I love mornings.
Staring at the sunrise as it
paints the sky into the colours
of your eyes,
feeling your arms sneak beneath
mine from behind and caress
my chest,
having your head softly rested on
my shoulder,
your smile transmitted to my lips
and I melt,
in the presence of both sun
and snow.

I’m embraced by this colourful
world you’ve given while
asking nothing of me,
expressing nothing but love
in every movement you make
while holding me,
giving rise to more and more
colours in this world that is
now part of me.

Aah, watching the night fade as the
world you gave me comes to
I could stay here forever but
I’m already late for school.

I really do love mornings.


8 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Ahhhh…mornings.Reading words…perfect. Sooooo happy you are back Ami. xo

  2. beautiful…the color of your words flows so well…thank you for sharing your poetry!

  3. QueridaJ says:

    A beautiful morning indeed =) Great to have you back! =)

  4. beautiful post. love ur writing!

    The Eye of Faith

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