An Encounter

A breath-taking encounter
with a heart akin to mine
and a smile I consider
the envy of the sun.

Upon my heart she dances
beautifully to the music
of my affection.
Slowly but surely she
undresses me to the bone
as I submit to wonders
of her presence,
the arise of sensational
chills from a caress of her
hand and I have yet
to convey how fond of her
I truly am.

I’m unveiled for her eyes
to see and explore and her
eyes only,
not by choice nor by force
but by the heart that is akin
to mine,
I do yearn to kiss her
luminous lips and drown my
desire in joyful pleasure,
although her smile tells
me there’s no reason to fear
I dare not…yet



4 thoughts on “An Encounter

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    Melted. Just melted. Fabulous words Ami. Loved so many lines. Chills.

  2. belladonna23 says:

    love- touching a deep part of human desire that affects us all, no matter what age or what situation. I especially loved the line “the envy of the sun.” Truly great words.

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