Demon in love

I generally render in fever due
to my fascination of you,
no lie could be prettier than the
truth that lies before me,
and no lie could face the wrath
of time and last this long.

Try not to alter that feeling
that genuinely allures me,
I’m in love with that saddened
mood you so beautifully
carry around,
I find nothing to be more
lovely than your sorrowful
expression on a rainy day.

Don’t seek shelter in my arms,
cause though I carelessly boast
with vigour I recognize
that even I can bleed,
you were first to prove it.

My current smile is one stolen
from you but it won’t suffice,
so please take centre stage
in my palm,
I intend to take everything
from you.



8 thoughts on “Demon in love

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    Wow – that’s a bit different from your usual, more gentle poems! But we do know that love brings cruelty as well as gentleness, don’t we? Beautifully expressed, as always.

    • Ami Fidèle says:

      haha yeah I know. I thought I’d write about the horrors of loving someone with cruel intentions but decided instead to make myself the culprit, I figured it’d be a more interesting read.

  2. atirahjewel says:

    Finally, I get a notification from you in my email! The piece is amazing, your work is always utterly fantastic. ❤

    • Ami Fidèle says:

      thank you, I’m moved beyond expression. I’m going through a hectic period but I look forward to next week, I’ll be able to do some catching up with blogposts including your work 🙂

  3. Love, love, love it! Sorry I haven’t come by to visit more but have been so very, very busy! By the way …I’ve nominated you for the Gargie Award…see details here:

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