The Crime of The Century

At the dawn of our breath

we nurtured our soil and souls

to light the heavens in the

absence of the sun,

we shared and surrendered our

bodies to the earth for the promise

of the Angel to come.


When the Angel ascended

we gave our blood

to bath her feet,

fleeting were her treasures,

consuming our earth and still

we chose to feast.


She engulfed upon our creed

and joyfully soaked in our death

for leisure,

upon her cunning smile we continued to feed

as she denied man the simplest


until she left forever.


To our earth we can no longer return,

as punishment for what we’ve done;

for soaking our souls in shame,

for the atrocities written in our name,

henceforth under the eternal sun,

we shall forever burn.


Figures in the Sun by Lance Jeschke

Figures in the Sun by Lance Jeschke



6 thoughts on “The Crime of The Century

  1. OOOhhh…love this, really effective, really powerful!! 🙂

  2. atirahjewel says:

    Its been a while since I have seen multiple articles of new work from you so close together, I hope you are planning to keep this up. Great words from a great poet, the only thing I can think to say is ‘W O W’

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