First Love (Part 9)

Her face is slightly
prettier in the morning
when I’m not at the mercy
of her eyes,
a few moments from now
she’ll wake up and I’ll find
myself struggling
half-heartedly only to
surrender to my sweet

At last the sun rises
and makes its way
into my arms,
dawn then breaks
and the lights enters
her lovely room.

I hand her
the love letter
with a slight sense
of horror.
She’s eager to open
the letter but I deny
her my exposure
for now,
It is my turn to lead
her into a place



2 thoughts on “First Love (Part 9)

  1. shanesbookblog says:

    In response to the comment you left on my blog:

    How in the world could you say you don’t think you have enough talent to write micro poetry? You are brilliant with words!

    It doesn’t take skill to express yourself, just a little determination and inspiration.

    You were born to write and you have an infinite amount of skill!, Don’t ever forget that!!

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