First Love (Part 10)

We’re breathing in the same
rhythm and I,

can tell she loves the way
I do though I,

notice we haven’t said anything
in while but I,

believe we can’t express ourselves
with words thus I,

approach her rose-red lips
for I,

can feel her heart beating in tune
with mine cause I,

am holding her close, chest
to chest so I,

release the containment of my
feelings as I,

lean forward to place my cheek
against hers before I,

advance my lips towards
hers and I,

engulf myself in a perfect
bliss wish I,

could stay here forever
in our first kiss.

First Kiss by Simone Stawicki


2 thoughts on “First Love (Part 10)

  1. I really liked this poem, though I starting giggling at rose-red lips because it made me start reciting sonnet 160 in my head. (Shakespeare)
    The stanza structure works really well though.

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