My NaPoWriMo experience

I should start by apologizing, I noticed that I gained some followers throughout april and at first I managed to keep up and subscribe to get daily e-mails from respective blogs but as me and my classmates entered the most critical weeks in our project for a bachelor’s in biotech I stopped subscribing due to the lack of time,

I’m sorry and thank you for following my blog.

I did save every new followers blog on my e-mail account knowing that it would come to this and I do intend to go through all and subscribe should I fall in love with your work.

Otherwise it went as I expected it would, seems like I ended up sacrificing quality in order to post one poem a day. I generally need about a week to complete a poem, I need to get into the right state of mind (an emotional wreck), write and re-write at least 3 times but during last month I basically had to squeeze in a seven-day experience into 2-4 hours so  what you’ve been reading throughout april is my writing when it hasn’t been processed at all, just taken directly from notebook where I write, by hand, the very first draft.

You may have noticed that sometimes two poems were posted on the same date, that’s because I had to write in the middle of the night due to work and ended up posting after midnight. Once in a while I’d fall asleep as I’m writing the poem in that dashboard-menu-thing, wake up early the next day, press “Publish” and then hurry to the university.

When I first took on NaPoWriMo I chose to write the “First Love” series knowing that it’d be easier if I had a storyline to use throughout the month rather than writing a unique piece/story everyday, that’s why I did my best to postpone the first kiss until part 10. I can reveal that 2 or 3 poems in the series were written 3 years ago, I had guests those evenings so I ended up copying my earlier work in an attempt to be polite and still honour my commitment to NaPoWriMo.

Whenever I wrote something completely irrelevant to the story like “Demise“, “Cherubic” or “Good Morning” I was simply postponing the story because I had no idea where to actually go with it, I ended up using my very own first love story with a slight twist, part 13 was that twist. For what it’s worth, I first thought writing a more explicit and erotic poem in prose with 3-5 versers rather than the Haiku but I feared that some might be offended or feel slightly uncomfortable so I chose to go with a soft Haiku, keeping the actual part 13 for myself.

I do generally write in prose, during the first poems in the series it was quite easy because those were poems I always intended to write so quality didn’t suffer much. But in the latter part of the series I started to write in Tanka and Haiku for safety because I had an examination in metaethics right around the corner, that along with the project in biotech.
I was surprised when part 5 got such a positive feedback from fellow bloggers, it’s my very first poem with a positive sentiment that has ever been liked to that degree, I’m genuinely amazed and happy.

If I had to choose my personal favorite throughout the series it would have to be part 15, unfortunately like all other posts it wasn’t processed properly before posted and I’ll probably rewrite it a few times before I add it to my black notebook with everything I’ve written so far but I managed to sneak in the sentence “It can’t be love unless I hurt“, revealing how twisted my mind sometime gets and that alone made it exceptional.

Emotionally I’m most attached to part 15 but I feel almost equally strong for part 10; coming up with that stanza-structure was so much fun, I had never felt quite that excited when writing and when I decided to dedicate that structure to a very memorable first kiss, it made the whole experience feel soo much better, it was incredible.

All in all I don’t think I’ve ever been this stressed before, I ended up having to negate my guitar-playing just to barely make it through this month.
But I’m going back to the usual one poem a week or so, there’s something magical about this guitar-instrument and I intend to dedicate my time in exploring it with a bit more passion now that the month april is over.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far,


Ami Fidèle 🙂

(And sorry if I misspelled a few stuff or if I’m unclear here and there)


One thought on “My NaPoWriMo experience

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    I know what you mean – whenever I try to rush things or force things and set myself the challenge of writing poetry daily, it soon breaks down. Yet I have to find a way to write not just when inspiration strikes, as the Muse is fickle and often out on a jaunt!

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