An update and a short performance

Hello dear friends,

I must admit it’s been longer than I thought it would be and I hope you’re all doing well (:
I have neglected writing for a while now, I have several excuses but there’s no denying that the most significant one is the dedication to my guitars.

In mid-august I decided to take up Classical Guitar, I was first captivated by it in july when I first heard songs from video games I used to play in my teens performed beautifully on a nylon stringed guitar and then it grew from there.
I dug into the classical guitar history, classical guitar methods/technique, classical guitar composers and exercises for classical guitar that were publicly available throughout august and september……’s a lot more demanding and difficult than I expected but I feel great joy in playing something well and perhaps most importantly; my guitars deserve a good guitarist.
Before I continue I’d like to introduce to you the most recent and perhaps the most precious among my guitars:


This is an Occitania 300 designed by
the french company LÂG.
A proper classical guitar shape
instead of the spanish guitar shape,
the differences are minuscule
but were important for me just this time.
The most beautiful guitar I could find
with a (red) cedar top
(as recommended by teachers because
as cedar is more forgiving for beginners
with poor technique).
She arrived in late october and
in the words of my mum she is
“The very heart of Fidèle”.
Her name is the short for Magdeleine Robin,
the love of my favourite hero Cyrano:

I had intentions of getting a teacher early on as you tend to develop bad habits if you practice the classical style without a teachers direction but private teachers are quite expensive so I did as much as I could on my own while saving money for a teacher. On the 27th of november I finally met my teacher, can’t remember the last time I was so nervous, and on january 13th I had my very first official lesson, I am now an actual classical guitar student (yaaay me!).
My teacher did advise me to refrain from writing anymore because it’s hard being committed to one art-form when you’re trying to learn a new one, turned out to be true. I did managed to write  small one in an attempt to encourage a friend to start writing again, I’ll post it separately.
The best thing so far was when Roxanne was praised for being a fantastic guitar, good sound, perfect for a classical guitar student and so beautiful that my teacher actually took a picture of her, I’ve never been so proud 🙂
I, on the over hand, receive as much criticism as praise but I generally take responsibility for the criticism only, I figured Roxanne is responsible for whatever good that comes out my performances considering that I’m still an absolute beginner.

I’d like to think that I’ve have improved, somewhat, since I started playing last year.
So far I’ve performed for my mum, my dad and younger siblings and at my friends birthday for just a few friends. The highlight was when my sister said she wanted to play like me and so I borrowed her the guitar I bought last summer (Ariadne) until I’ve saved up to buy her a guitar of her own, she’s quicker learner than I expected and my hope is that she goes further than whatever I manage to do.

About the performance; I’ve included a link to me playing the easiest version “Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring” for guitar from a Cantata by Bach (BWV 147), you’ll probably recognise it. My teacher arranges student-concerts, those who feel like they’re up to the task are welcomed to participate and this is one of the pieces that ‘ll be performing during the next concert….now, I can’t apologize enough for the mistakes I made throughout the song; missed notes, poor articulation, bad posture, tempo errors…..the list goes on, I blame it on being a nervous beginner as I knew I was recording for all of you to see but hopefully it’ll be perfect for the concert one month from now.

I’m also sorry for the poor sound, the microphone on my computer isn’t working and my phone isn’t really the best, I recommend headphones if you wish to hear more from the guitar rather than my errors.
I’ve refrained from mentioning the name of my teacher in case any you of happen to know her somehow and inform her of the video, I’ll be grilled mercilessly.

Me playing “Jesu, joy of man’s desiring”

My ultimate goal is to play Andrés Segovia’s guitar transcription of the famous “Chaconne” from Bach’s Partita Nr. 2 for the violin.
Here’s the link if you’re curious of how it sounds like
Andrés Segovia – Chaconne

My ultimate dream right now is to hold a guitar-concert in a church for all my friends, all of you included, and play music from the classical guitar repertory the way like Julian Bream did in 1978 (:

I’ll try by best not to disappear for quite so long again. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best. Please take care.

With love,
Ami Fidèle

Allow me the time it’ll take to catch up on your various works


3 thoughts on “An update and a short performance

  1. atirahjewel says:

    Ami, I am overjoyed. I’m very happy to hear that, though you may not be on everyday, you won’t go away for so long again. Or at least try not to 🙂 It’s a beautiful guitar and a beautiful performance, and an understandable reason for your disappearance.

  2. QueridaJ says:

    That was so beautiful…and that was the easiest to play? It sounded nor looked anything but easy. A little criticism since you’ve grown a thicker skin for your guitar….do not be so modest and apologetic…every art created has a right to be enjoyed without our hindering its power…. 🙂 i hope i wasn’t too harsh…best of luck on your journey and it truly was a joy to hear 🙂

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