A mellow moonlight is moving
upon your skin as you dance.
I’m hairsbreadth away,
certain that no one is closer
to the sun than I when around you.
This could be perfect.

I’m dancing on air within
a moment with you
I’m not too sure is real.
But I feel this night isn’t only
for making memories,
I do wish to tend to this feeling
even further.

I’m riddled in joy and despair,
fearing a minute with you
is a gift given to few, a bliss
treasured by even fewer.
So allow me this slight
piece of heaven and once more…
dance with me.

Waltz by Leonid Afremov


5 thoughts on “Dulcet

  1. atirahjewel says:

    And your first poem back is as gorgeous as ever. Your words always take on a life of their own, it’s incredible. Whenever I come on to your blog, I am never disappointed (except, of course, when there are no new posts 😉 ).

  2. I see this is your most recent post. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    • Ami Fidèle says:

      I can’t apologise enough for the extremely delayed reply. I’m doing well and I really hope you are too. Though I wrote I’d try to be active, the lack of a muse, my dedication to classical guitar and preparations for my master thesis were made it impossible. Take care of yourself over there in San Diego 🙂

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