My personal favorite

I happened to miss the very first day of national poetry writing month so I figured I was supposed to post two poems at some point. Rather than writing two new ones I’m choosing to share my personal favorite among my writings, it’s a two-part poem that has been posted in this blog before. Demon […]

First Love (Part 19)

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She believed her return would save me, as did I and yet I find myself lifting a wounded soul, I never wanted this. I’m soaked in her tears as I’m forced to ponder my fears; Will she nourish me smile or consume it? Will she tarnish me to bloom anew? Do I sacrifice my candle […]

First Love (Part 17)

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Upon her return her colour turns strange, my appearance is nothing but wrong, I’m suppose to be weak but I’m strong, It surprises her that I’ve learned how to breathe on my own. I greet her with an expressionless silence, while her expression is demanding of me words I cannot say: “Say you burn for […]

First Love (Part 15)

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Tonight I died. Without resistance towards the knife she held in her hand, scented in lavender to ease the pain, my heart paused. I was living a dream that wasn’t mine; my smile, her kiss, our night… my light was borrowed. And though the moments are gone, like a child, I want them anyway. When […]