“Apheleia’s flower” – a finished project

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Hello dear bloggers, artists, poets, musicians and friends! It’s been a while. Let’s be cherishable with words and say that I haven’t been very active on my blog since april. I hope you’re all doing well, I have quite the amount of e-mails (close to 1000) from respective blogs so I assume that you’re alive […]

The Emancipation

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Entrenched in a static dismay of memories of what used to be, struggling to reattach each falling petal to an over aged and and withering rose with my decaying strength. The petals are getting heavier and heavier and I’m no longer certain whether or not I’m truly here by choice, I too believed in the […]

An Afternoon

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A gathering of fierce snowflakes travels alongside me as I am stuck halfway home with an unknown face in front and a blizzard taunting me through the window. Could I have been her right now had I not been such coward? Would she have granted me the pleasure of spending this afternoon with her? Her […]