First Love (Part 12)

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We enter her room under the shadow of the moon, my lungs are filled with her aroma and my mind dances between the colours of her walls, I’m mesmerised. She laughs at my attempt to conceal my lightheaded behaviour, we’ve yet to say anything. With weightless steps she approaches me without fear. We kiss as […]

First Love (Part 10)

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We’re breathing in the same rhythm and I, can tell she loves the way I do though I, notice we haven’t said anything in while but I, believe we can’t express ourselves with words thus I, approach her rose-red lips for I, can feel her heart beating in tune with mine cause I, am holding […]

Walking alone

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It hurts a little, there’s no moment in our time reminiscent in my mind, there’s no lingering pleasure from what was divine. On my walk in the moonlight a single tear approaches to keep me company. It is infused with a promise lost and world lost, no wonder it’s so beautiful. I’m not worthy of […]

An Afternoon

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A gathering of fierce snowflakes travels alongside me as I am stuck halfway home with an unknown face in front and a blizzard taunting me through the window. Could I have been her right now had I not been such coward? Would she have granted me the pleasure of spending this afternoon with her? Her […]