My personal favorite

I happened to miss the very first day of national poetry writing month so I figured I was supposed to post two poems at some point. Rather than writing two new ones I’m choosing to share my personal favorite among my writings, it’s a two-part poem that has been posted in this blog before. Demon […]

Kiss Pandora

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Undress, take off the colour forced on to you and reveal the madness that can attain true joy. Embrace it, the burning of the flesh, the yearning of the soul, and the wish from a soft whisper by the lips, surrender to your own colour and let it sing through your heart. Stand naked in […]


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They glare at us, through cracks in their doors and gaps in their windows, condemning us; we dare to express a love uncommon so we suffer. The flame in their eyes does not hint any empathy, and neither does the flame in their hands as they charge towards us crying out curses onto our love. […]