In the presence of divinity with a
shivering body I am,
The breaking of dawn seems to
last forever,
And if I don’t tell her now it is
likely to be never.

I say:
Your smile still lingers within my chest
and unless my confession is made
I cannot rest.
I love, oh how I love…

If only you’d allow I’d express my heart through
a valiant fight or a conversation
without any words,
I’m a man with no other means
so help me,
Of you I may not be worthy
so teach me,
I shall stumble and fall in the process but
believe in me,
Because no matter how sweet the first rays of
sunlight tastes on my skin,
All I really want is to be loved by you.

A new day is being called forth by the sun,
And it does not matter whether you
leave with me or not,
This is the beginning of a gallant story.

goodbye letters on the bridge by glenn brady


7 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Reblogged this on The Life and Crimes Of Mistress Rosie and commented:
    This is a very moving and erotic poem displaying the angst of a man who needs a push from the woman he adores.

  2. J.D.F says:

    wow. thank you for speaking to my soul this morning!

  3. Hi Ami,

    Thanks so much for your visit and “like!” I appreciate your stopping by and your poem is absolutely lovely~

  4. Nectarfizz says:

    Your smile still lingers within my chest<—–Love this line

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