My Democracy


I believe my Democracy
is not a system but a value,
suggesting that my heart has
the ability to consider others
and not only myself.

It says that to vote properly
I must embody the goals
and wishes of my kin,
my community and
my world,
and therefore I’m obligated
to harness each opportunity
to experience someone else’s
values as my own,
their hopes and fears,
their beliefs
and most importantly
their dreams.

I believe that when I enter
the booth I seize to be
alone because
I believe my vote to be
the furthest extension
of my values.
So as I drop my ballot
into the box,
my heart extends
to yours,
and that is my Democracy

(I read, last summer, Plato’s “Apology” and “Crito” and it led to this particular conclusion)


2 thoughts on “My Democracy

  1. belladonna23 says:

    quite the philosophical musings. I enjoyed it 🙂 and I’m glad I stopped by

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