Last words

I’m waiting for you,
under a lonesome sky
with a shelter of pouring rain
I sit quietly staring into the distance.

Somewhere out there is,
a sweetheart beautiful like other,
conquering hearts at the slightest movement
of her lips.

On night like this,
I wish for no other to lay awake
waiting for their beloved like I.
No desires or pleasures since she
uttered the words “good bye”.

There’s nothing worth losing any more,
every breath I take I do so to prolong
this life so I can remain here
under a shelter of pouring rain
clinging to her last words,
the promise of her return.
© Ami Fidèle


4 thoughts on “Last words

  1. Eve Redwater says:

    This is a wonderful poem! I like the image too (I know where it’s from!) 🙂

  2. Queridaj says:

    “with a shelter of pouring rain” what a great line, how fitting that you repeat it again towards the end, not to say the rest of your poem is anyway lacking, a very delightful read overall =)

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