An autumn night

A night perfectly written
by the autumn breeze.
A gentle unison hummed by
the leaves as they carry
me towards the lake to watch
my love’s performance.

I witness the moon and stars dance
for nobody but her as she
leads them.
She dances across the sand fully
aware of my glance, smiling,
knowing that her presence
poses a fearful challenge
to my knees
as the transcendence from
every movement of
her silhouette keeps flowing
through my veins.

If I could stay here and stare
I’d do so I swear,
but the heart won’t allow
for such frailty,
pushing towards her dwelling
which consumes whatever
eloquence within me,
leaving me to fend for myself
with the words
of a five year old,
leaving me breathless.

She delays her dance
and rests her eyes upon me,
rather than the stars,
she chooses to dance with me.

Autumn night wind


7 thoughts on “An autumn night

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    I love the sly and yet innocent knowingness of the loved one. Just wanted to check – was there any reason behind having some verses in italics and the single one not in italics?

  2. QueridaJ says:

    what a beautifully dreamy moment captured so captivatingly by your words…

  3. your words flow so beautifully with the art piece you chose for this…I am carried through the movement of the scene with all that you express…wonderful!

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