First Love (Part 2)

I’m daydreaming of a rose,
a shallow mimic of her lips,
two red and soft petals I’m waiting
to evoke a feeling
worthy of filling these empty rows
of a love letter
she’ll never read.

I’m not shy,
I’m a dreamer looking for shelter
in the safest place that is
her heart, even though
it might require mine being torn
apart as I sit on her doorsteps
for hours
in this cold,
staring at the stars
and calling them ours.

I couldn’t leave these doorsteps
no matter the effort,
I’ve finally found the star
closest to earth,
I’m missing only the courage
to ring her doorbell,
I’m sure I’ll find that
soon enough.

Waiting for the romance to come by Fabian Perez


6 thoughts on “First Love (Part 2)

  1. Oh my…this is so intense…so utterly romantic…it touches my very soul!
    the painting adds to it…but the words, in and of themselves, carry me

  2. I shared it on my FB page! Beautiful! Romantic!

  3. MarinaSofia says:

    So lovely – and so good to see more of your writing again. I’ve missed you. Have you had a lot of studying to do?

    • Ami Fidèle says:

      Thank you, unfortunately I still have quite the amount of work to do so I’m still behind on my reading of blogposts. Still I chose to take on the National Poetry Writing Month because I’ve postponed writing for far too long now

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