First Love (Part 6)

Unfortunately we can’t
stay here forever,
soon my hand will part
from hers and I’ll be able
to express my love
with child-like shouts
on my way home.

She holds on to my hand
a little stronger,
she tells me it is a gentle
cloth around her heart,
she digs deep into m eyes
and says that there is
no place closer to the sun
than where I am.

She pulls me closer,
places her arms
around my head
and whispers into my ear:
There won’t be a sunrise
in the sky until I see you

There’s nothing more
sincere than the warmth
of her embrace.

[] cartoon couple, silhouette of couple, clouds, moon, digital art 151911


2 thoughts on “First Love (Part 6)

  1. paganpages says:

    This is magical 🙂

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