They glare at us,
through cracks in their doors
and gaps in their windows,
condemning us;
we dare to express a love
uncommon so we suffer.

The flame in their eyes does not
hint any empathy,
and neither does the flame in
their hands as they
charge towards us crying out
curses onto our love.

What do they know of love?
Scared to sacrifice face for the
manifestation of their love

but don’t lack courage in

throwing stones to
what are they willing to yield
for each other unless it’s
part of a bargain?
Yet they dare judge us.

I know now the difference
between living and being alive
and unfortunately their
inflamed hatred won’t allow
for our survival,

because of our love I became
human, but to them,
she became a monster…
so tonight, I shall die.

With my death, she’ll regain
her beauty,
and with her love, I shall
become Immortal.

Shrek and Fiona


8 thoughts on “Immortal

  1. Queridaj says:

    Your last stanza…just wow. Keep it up! Take care, Que

  2. Your romanticism is fantastic. Love it. It ignites the soul! Great work man.

  3. Ex-Kth:ar Daniel says:

    Wow fidel viste inte att du va så här grym! Hoppas du har det bra i Sverige, ses kanske på sommaren 😉

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